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Pulaski County At it Again: Voter Registration Database Problems/No Provisonal Ballots in Satellite Precincts

NCVV: What is not reported here - the Pulaski County Election Commission failed to provide provisional ballots in the satellite locations which is a violation of the Help America Vote Act of 2002, sec. 3. The Kerry Legal Team, along with NCVV and other campaign heads in the state went three rounds with chairman Larkowski urging him to get the provisional ballots in the satellite precincts promptly. His reply to NCVV: that he had the "blessing of three attorneys, including himself. And please don't perpetuate this." The satellite precincts were without provisional ballots for a minimum of seven days, even with voter registration database problems sending voters to the incorrect precincts.

Many provisional ballots cast unnecessarily in state


Posted on Thursday, November 4, 2004


It wasn’t like Ohio, but Arkansan voters cast provisional ballots across the state in Tuesday’s election.

In many cases, they voted provisionally unnecessarily, causing confusion and anger for many voters and extra work for election officials.

Unlike Ohio, where approximately 150,000 provisional ballots figured prominently in the presidential contest between President Bush and Sen. John Kerry, the exact number of such ballots used in Arkansas is not known.

State election officials said they would have to wait for county election commissions to certify their results before announcing a total number of provisional ballots cast.

On Wednesday, as provisional ballots were being processed, election officials tried to figure out how many of them had been used and how to avoid the misuse of such ballots in future elections.

Misinformation in the media and old-fashioned word of mouth all contributed to voters demanding to cast provisional ballots when they didn’t have to do so, election officials said.

In Pulaski County, somewhere between 700 and 1,000 provisional ballots were cast, said Election Director Susan Inman.

Her staff was still determining the number on Wednesday, she said. The election commission planned to hand-deliver the provisional ballots to County-Circuit Clerk Carolyn Staley’s office as soon as possible so that Staley’s staff can research voter registration information on each provisional ballot to determine if the person who cast the ballot was a registered voter.

Next week, the commission likely will hold hearings for any voter who cast a provisional ballot that might not be counted because their registration could not be verified, Commission Chairman Jerry Larkowski said.

The exact date of those hearings has not been determined, he said.

The commission is scheduled to certify the election, including the provisional ballots and the approximately 7,000 absentee ballots on Nov. 12.

Larkowski said he visited more than 20 polls Tuesday and noticed a "recurring problem" with the voter-registration database. In his estimation, about "60-70 percent" of provisional ballots cast were the result of problems with the database. "I’ve said all year that the people who vote in every election aren’t going to have problems. It’s the people who came out yesterday who had not voted in four years that might have run into problems. They wouldn’t have had a chance to clear up problems with their registration [in May’s primary or earlier]."
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